Photo of Yan Lyu
Research Fields
Hadronic Physics, Lattice Gauge Field Theory
Term and History
2022/04/01 - 2023/07/01 Student Trainee (Main: Ph.D. Student, School of Physics, Peking University, China)
2024/03/01 - Postdoctoral Researcher


Hi, I am Yan Lyu. I joined iTHEMS as a RIKEN-Berkeley Fellow in March 2024. Before moving to Japan, I obtained my PhD in Particle and Nuclear Physics from Peking University in July 2023. I am interested in how quarks and gluons form hadrons and how hadrons interact with each other. These questions are fundamentally important in understanding why our Universe appears as the way it does. In practice, I primarily use lattice QCD and effective field theories. The former offers accurate data while the latter provide frameworks for interpretation. I am currently eager to explore more connections between these two. I am very happy to join iTHEMS, and I look forward to discussing and learning from the wide variety of researchers at iTHEMS. I like badminton, swimming, and history, you are welcome to visit my office at main building 457 for discussion and chatting.

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