Research Fields
High Energy Astrophysics
Term and History
2017-11-01 - Senior Research Scientist
Other Affiliations
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University
Related Websites
Dr. Yoshiyuki Inoue's personal website
Astroparticle Physics Group, iTHEMS, RIKEN


Hello everyone. My name is Yoshiyuki Inoue. I am a senior research scientist at iTHEMS/RIKEN. Previously, I was a JSPS fellow at KIPAC/SLAC/Stanford, and then an International Top Young Fellow at ISAS/JAXA. My research is theoretical astrophysics which is closely connected to observations. I am interested in understanding the nature of supermassive black holes. Here at iTHEMS, I would like to link theory and observations more tightly. I am also hoping to broaden my research fields through interdisciplinary interactions at iTHEMS.

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