Research Fields
High Energy Astrophysics
Term and History
2017/11/01 - 2020/09/15 Senior Research Scientist
2020/09/16 - Senior Visiting Scientist (Main: Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University)


Hello everyone. My name is Yoshiyuki Inoue. I am a senior research scientist at iTHEMS/RIKEN. Previously, I was a JSPS fellow at KIPAC/SLAC/Stanford, and then an International Top Young Fellow at ISAS/JAXA. My research is theoretical astrophysics which is closely connected to observations. I am interested in understanding the nature of supermassive black holes. Here at iTHEMS, I would like to link theory and observations more tightly. I am also hoping to broaden my research fields through interdisciplinary interactions at iTHEMS.

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