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Math-Life Workshop was held at Hokkaido University

Math-Life Workshop, organized by iTHEMS (RIKEN), SACRA (Kyoto U.), AIMR(Tohoku U.) and MSC (Hokkaido U.), was held at Hokkado Univ. on Aug.19-20 with 66 participants. Dr. Ryosuke Iritani and Dr. Shin...more


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Japan-Israel Workshop on HEA with Roger Blandford

During 18-23 July, a workshop to bring together experts on High Energy Astrophysics from Japan and Israel was held. The first part (18-19 July) was held in RIKEN Wako, while the second part (22-23 Jul...more


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Lecture by Dr. T. Doi as a first event at SUURI-COOL (Kyushu)

As a research activity of RIKEN iTHEMS and Kyushu Univ. collaboration, Dr. T. Doi gave lectures on his research, Lattice QCD and research activity on HAL QCD collaboration from 31th July to 2nd Aug. ...more


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Report of the workshop on "Math of Jets"

A workshop on "Math of Jets" co-sponsered by RIMS (Kyoto University) and iTHEMS was held from July 29 to 31 at Kyoto University. Researchers from wide scientific fields, such as, planetary atmosphere,...more


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Is your Supercomputer Stumped? There May Be a Quantum Solution

The recent paper by Jason Chang* (iTHEMS/UCB/LBNL), Shigetoshi Sota* (R-CCS) and their collaborators in US, "Quantum annealing for systems of polynomial equations" (Nature Scientific Reports, 9 (2019)...more


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iTHEMS Advisory Council (AC) is being held from July 24 (Wed.) through 26 (Fri.)

iTHEMS Advisory Council (AC) is being held from July 24 (Wed.) through 26 (Fri.). On July 25 (Thursday), short talks and poster presentations by iTHEMS researchers have been given, followed by sti...more


Paper of the Week

Synthetic dimensions and topological chiral currents in mesoscopic rings

In condensed matter systems, the topological effect of chiral currents is intimately related to two-dimensional systems. Recently emerging concept of "synthetic dimensions" provides a way to explore t...more


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Summary of the 1-day Workshop on Quantum Gravity

What is spacetime? In order to discuss this fundamental question, we held "1-day Workshop on Quantum Gravity" on July 4, 2019. The talk was very varied. First, Yokokura introduced a formulation of bla...more


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Workshop on Sine-square deformation and related topics 2019

On July 11th, the workshop entitled "Sine-Square Deformation and related topics 2019," was held at RIKEN Wako Campus. Sine-square deformation (SSD) is a new type of boundary condition at which the cou...more


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Report of iTHEMS colloquium - Spacetime Geometry of Black Holes, Wormholes, and Time Machines

General relativity tells us how spacetime is curved by energy distribution and how matter moves in the spacetime. Classical black hole, which is a solution of the classical Einstein equation, has the ...more


Paper of the Week

The KO-valued spectral flow for skew-adjoint Fredholm operators

Spectral flow measures the number of eigenvalue crossings of continuous paths of Fredholm operators (which have finite-dimensional kernels). Atiyah, Patodi and Singer first defined spectral flow as a ...more


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RIKEN-OIST mini Workshop 2019 "Mathematical Condensed Matter Physics"

From July 5 to July 6, RIKEN-OIST mini Workshop 2019, Mathematical Condensed Matter Physics, was held at OIST. We had three excellent lectures and three interesting talks. Prof. Shinobu Hikami gave a ...more


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SOKENDAI-iTHEMS Joint Workshop was held from July 7 to July 8

SOKENDAI-iTHEMS Joint Workshop "Genetics meets Mathematics" was held at Hayama, Kanagawa (close to SOKENDAI Hayama campus) from July 7 to July 8. This workshop brought together 36 participants, includ...more


Paper of the Week

Instantons in Chiral Magnets

More than 50 years ago, Russian physicist Dzyaloshinsky has proposed the specific interaction in some kinds of magnets to explain weak ferromagnetic behavior of them, and soon after that, Professor Mo...more


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Math seminar by Hiroki Kodama

Hiroki Kodama had a seminar talk in the iTHEMS math seminar on 20 June. The topic was the foundation of metric space and its generalizations. Metric space is one of the most primitive setting of geome...more


Paper of the Week

Rigidity of the mod 2 families Seiberg-Witten invariants and topology of families of spin 4-manifolds

After the early 1980s, gauge theory has been used by mathematicians to study 4-dimensional spaces (manifolds). The hottest mathematical subject studied by gauge theory is a sort of difference between ...more



Web page of iTHEMS QCoIn WG has launched.

The web page of iTHEMS QCoIn (Quantum Computation and Information) working group has launched. QCoIn Seminars/workshops, lecture slides and other information are posted there. Feel free to visit ...more



Akinori Tanaka received particle physics medal

Our iTHEMS member, Dr. Akinori Tanaka (AIP/iTHEMS) together with Dr. Akio Tomiya (RIKEN BNL Research Center) have received "14th Particle Physics Medal: Young Scientist Award in Theoretical Particle P...more


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Seminar by Dr. Allard van Marle from UNIST in Shouth Korea

Dr. Allard Jan van Marle visited ABBL and iTHEMS this week from his home institute of UNIST in South Korea. On Monday, June 17, he gave a seminar about his work in astrophysics, on particle accelerati...more


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Seminar by RIKEN researcher, Dr. Nathan Shammah

RIKEN researcher Nathan Shammah gave the first seminar for the QuCoIn (Quantum Computing and Information Science) working group. On June 13, he hosted an interactive workshop on open-source software a...more