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Tetsuo Hatsuda × Yoshinori Ohsumi × Sayaka Oki Online Discussion: "The Usefulness of 'Useless' Knowledge" will be held on August 22!

academist, Inc. and RIKEN iTHEMS are pleased to announce the presentation of "Tetsuo Hatsuda x Yoshinori Ohsumi x Sayaka Oki Online Discussion: "The Usefulness of ‘Useless' Knowledge" on Saturday, Aug...more


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When adaptation promotes coexistence

Peafowl males have prominent ornaments, birds song for courtship, and flowers are beautiful and attractive for pollen transporters. Such characteristics appear to be adaptive at the level of individua...more


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Black Hole as a Quantum Field Configuration

A joint research team led by Yuki Yokokura, a senior researcher at the Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program at RIKEN, has theoretically described the interior of an evaporat...more


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Light nucleus predicted to be stable despite having two strange quarks

Adding an exotic particle known as a Xi hyperon to a helium nucleus with three nucleons could produce a nucleus that is temporarily stable, calculations by RIKEN nuclear physicists have predicted1. Th...more


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Merger between two stars led to iconic supernova -- Simulations suggest that two stars came together to form a blue supergiant, which subsequently exploded

A supernova in a nearby galaxy may have originated from an explosion of a blue supergiant formed by the merger of two stars, simulations by RIKEN astrophysicists suggest1. The asymmetric nature of thi...more


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New Hypernucleus "Xi-Tetrabaryon" -- Unravelling the behavior of Xi-particle by high-precision computations



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Genomic analysis of 370 Japanese Thoroughbred horses: the genetic background of why Thoroughbreds can run fast

Humans have been trying to improve Thoroughbreds by selectively breeding horses that can run fast. Each generation, a small number of males are selected to breed so that only these “elite” males can p...more


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Is your Supercomputer Stumped? There May Be a Quantum Solution

The recent paper by Jason Chang* (iTHEMS/UCB/LBNL), Shigetoshi Sota* (R-CCS) and their collaborators in US, "Quantum annealing for systems of polynomial equations" (Nature Scientific Reports, 9 (2019)...more


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Observation of Quantized Heating Rate in Ultracold Topological Matter

An international collaboration of researchers from University of Hamburg, Université libre de Bruxelles, and RIKEN iTHEMS observed quantized heating rate, demonstrating a novel universal probe for top...more


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Researchers pinpoint origin of photons in mysterious gamma-ray bursts

Scientists from the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research and collaborators have used simulations to show that the photons emitted by long gamma-ray bursts—one of the most energetic events to take pla...more


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Non-sinusoidal Waveform in Temperature-Compensated Circadian Oscillations

Shingo Gibo (Postdoctoral Researcher, iTHEMS) and Gen Kurosawa (Senior Research Scientist, iTHEMS) have published a press release.


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Mystery of coronae around supermassive black holes deepens

Researchers from RIKEN and JAXA have used observations from the ALMA radio observatory located in northern Chile and managed by an international consortium including the National Astronomical Observat...more


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The First Telescope of a New Observatory for High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy Makes its Debut

Several iTHEMS members are actively involved in a brand-new, cutting edge astronomical project, called the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA). CTA will be the foremost global observatory for very high-en...more


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An unstable isotope Technetium-98 (98Tc) could be synthesized by neutrinos emitted from supernova explosions

A joint research group consisting of Masaomi Ono, a Research Scientist at RIKEN, and others has theoretically predicted that an unstable isotope Technetium-98 (98Tc) could be synthesized by neutrinos ...more


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Diffuse x-ray emission from the northern arc of loop I observed with suzaku

The research team, including Yoshiyuki Inoue (Senior Research Scientist, iTHEMS), have published a press release.


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Spatial Distribution of the Milky Way Hot Gaseous Halo Constrained by Suzaku X-Ray Observations

The research team, including Yoshiyuki Inoue (Senior Research Scientist, iTHEMS), have published a press release.


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Modeling the functions of condensin in chromosome shaping and segregation

Former iTHES fellow, Yuji Sakai (Univ. Tokyo) together with Atsushi Mochizuki (iTHEMS), Masashi Tachikawa (iTHEMS), Tetsuya Hirano (RIKEN) and Kazuhisa Kinoshita (RIKEN) have published a paper and a ...more


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Neutron Life from Supercomputer Simulations

Jason Chang (iTHEMS/LBNL) and his colleagues have enlisted powerful supercomputers to calculate a quantity known as the "nucleon axial coupling," – which is central to our understanding of a neutron’...more


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Using the K computer, scientists predict exotic “di-Omega” particle

Based on complex simulations of quantum chromodynamics performed using the K computer, one of the most powerful computers in the world, the HAL QCD Collaboration, made up of scientists from the RIKEN ...more