2022-04-01 Press Release

The RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program (iTHEMS), the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo and the Faculty of Science of Kyoto University will launch a new inter-university collaborative online lecture system in April 2022, offering courses on various aspects of mathematical sciences to students in both faculties. In addition to faculty members from the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, young researchers from RIKEN and other research institutes will give a series of lectures, which students can take as courses at their respective universities and earn credits. This new lecture format allows students to learn the fundamentals and applications of mathematical science, which form the foundation of modern society, from front-line researchers as early as their undergraduate years. At the same time, it enables the development of young human resources beyond the boundaries of universities. Active discussions between young researchers and students in class are expected to lead not only to the development of basic scientific research, but also to the development of human resources who will create innovations in society in the future.

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