Paper of the Week


Paper of the Week

Week 5, July 2021

Title: A Fundamental Plane in X-ray Binary Activity of External Galaxies Author: Yoshiyuki Inoue, Kiyoto Yabe, Yoshihiro Ueda arXiv: Title: Three-body crossover ...more


Paper of the Week

Week 3, July 2021

Title: A mathematical model of network elastoplasticity Author: Hiroki Kodama, Ken'ichi Yoshida arXiv: Title: On regular $^*$-algebras of bounded linear operator...more


Paper of the Week

Week 2, July 2021

Title: The maximal negative ion of molecules in Schrödinger, Hartree-Fock, and Müller theories Author: Yukimi Goto arXiv: Title: Positivity vs. Lorentz-violation...more


Paper of the Week

Week 5, June 2021

Title: Effects of finite-light-speed correction for the Coulomb interaction on nuclear binding energies and radii in spherical nuclei Author: Tomoya Naito arXiv: ...more


Paper of the Week

Week 4, June 2021

Title: XRP Network and Proposal of Flow Index Author: Hideaki Aoyama arXiv: Title: Holographic moving mirrors Author: Ibrahim Akal, Yuya Kusuki, Noburo Shiba, T...more


Paper of the Week

Week 3, June 2021

Sorry for the pile of new papers due to system error. Title: Emergence of the $ρ$ resonance from the HAL QCD potential in lattice QCD Author: Yutaro Akahoshi, Sinya Aoki, Takumi Doi arXiv: http:/...more


Paper of the Week

Week 4, May 2021

Title: Signs of the plastid: Enzymes involved in plastid-localized metabolic pathways in a eugregarine species Authors: Euki Yazaki, Ryosuke Miyata, Yasuhiko Chikami, Ryo Harada, Takashi Kawakubo, Go...more


Paper of the Week

Week 2 of May, 2021

Title: Asymptotic behavior of fronts and pulses of the bidomain model Author: Hiroshi Matano, Yoichiro Mori, Mitsunori Nara, Koya Sakakibara arXiv: Title: Na+/Ca...more


Paper of the Week

Week 5 of April, 2021

Title: Hydrodynamic Attractor in a Hubble Expansion Author: Zhiwei Du, Xu-Guang Huang, Hidetoshi Taya arXiv: Title: Deep Learning of the Eddington Tensor in the ...more


Paper of the Week

Week 4 of April 2021

Title: Born-Oppenheimer potential energy surfaces for Kohn-Sham models in the local density approximation Author: Yukimi Goto arXiv: Title: Note on the Goldbac...more


Paper of the Week

Week 3 of April 2021

Title: Approximate Bayesian Computation of Bézier Simplices Author: Akinori Tanaka, Akiyoshi Sannai, Ken Kobayashi, Naoki Hamada arXiv: Title: Detailed analysis ...more


Paper of the Week

Week 1 of April 2021

Sorry for not being updated since February due to a system error. Title: Impacts of new small-scale N-body simulations on dark matter annihilations constrained from cosmological 21cm line observati...more


Paper of the Week

Week 2 of February

Title: Quiescent luminosities of accreting neutron stars with different equation of states Author: Helei Liu, Akira Dohi, Masa-aki Hashimoto, Yasuhide Matsuo, Guo-Liang Lü, Tsuneo Noda arXiv: http:/...more


Paper of the Week

Week 1 of February

Title: Twisted crystallograpic T-duality via the Baum--Connes isomorphism Author: Kiyonori Gomi, Yosuke Kubota, Guo Chuan Thiang arXiv: Title: Most charming diba...more


Paper of the Week

Week 5 of January

Title: Drifting Dirac monopole in Berry's phase Author: Kazuo Fujikawa, Koichiro Umetsu arXiv: Title: Deconfining Phase Boundary of Rapidly Rotating Hot and Dens...more


Paper of the Week

Week 4 of January

Title: Second and fourth moments of the charge density and neutron-skin thickness of atomic nuclei Author: Tomoya Naito, Gianluca Colò, Haozhao Liang, Xavier Roca-Maza arXiv:


Paper of the Week

Week 3 of January

Title: A note on exotic families of 4-manifolds Author: Tsuyoshi Kato, Hokuto Konno, Nobuhiro Nakamura arXiv: Title: Local Operator Entanglement in Spin Chains ...more


Paper of the Week

Week 3 of December

Title: Phase transitions in the frustrated Ising ladder with stoquastic and non-stoquastic catalysts Author: Kabuki Takada, Shigetoshi Sota, Seiji Yunoki, Bibek Pokharel, Hidetoshi Nishimori, Daniel ...more


Paper of the Week

Week 2 of December

Title: Universality of active and passive phase separation in a lattice model Author: Kyosuke Adachi, Kyogo Kawaguchi arXiv: Title: Variational optimization of q...more


Paper of the Week

Week 1 of December

Title: Consistent description for cluster dynamics and single-particle correlation Author: Naoyuki Itagaki, Tomoya Naito arXiv: