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Paper of the Week


Paper of the Week

Diffusive Nambu-Goldstone modes in quantum time-crystals

Symmetry and its breaking is one of the most important notions in modern physics. It is known that when a continuum symmetry is spontaneously broken, there appears a gapless excitation called the Namb...more


Paper of the Week

Non-sinusoidal Waveform in Temperature-Compensated Circadian Oscillations

We have autonomous daily rhythm in our body, so-called “circadian clock” for which we can wake up without alarm clock. The rhythm governs the timing of physiological events such as hormone secretion. ...more


Paper of the Week

Quantum annealing for polynomial systems of equations

The advent of Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) quantum computers has galvanized efforts towards discovering near-term applications. An algorithm for solving polynomial systems of equations was ...more


Paper of the Week

Back Reaction of 4D Conformal Fields on Static Geometry

In classical mechanics, a black hole is described by a vacuum solution with the horizon of the Einstein equation. For spherical case, it is the Schwarzschild metric, and the location of the horizon is...more


Paper of the Week

Index theory and topological phases of aperiodic lattices

The paper studies the interactions between dynamical systems, represented via groupoid operator algebras, and index theory, described using Kasparov's bivariant K-functor. The key motivating example i...more


Paper of the Week

Engaging the Public with Supernova and Supernova Remnant Research Using Virtual Reality

On April 21, 2018, residents of Wako came to RIKEN for the Open Day. Over one hundred people visited the exhibit of the Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory (ABBL) and interacted with real scientific da...more


Paper of the Week

Gamow-Teller transitions from high-spin isomers in $N=Z$ nuclei

Atomic nuclei are composed of protons and neutrons. We may imagine like a certain number of (quantum) balls putting in a (self-bound) container. On the one hand, the nuclear magic numbers show the sin...more


Paper of the Week

Effective field theory of time-translational symmetry breaking in nonequilibrium open system

Although we know "all things are in a state of flux. (Patna rhei.)", it has been still an interesting question whether we have "universal" features in such time-evolution of all things. Considering th...more


Paper of the Week

Non-equilibrium Chiral Magnetic/Vortical Effects in Viscous Fluids

Chiral magnetic and vortical effects are novel effects in quantum fluids with chiral anomaly. We utilize the chiral kinetic theory in a relaxation-time approximation to investigate the nonlinear anoma...more


Paper of the Week

Online Model Parameter Estimation With Ensemble Data Assimilation in the Real Global Atmosphere

When and where will it rain, and how heavy? – this is a central question that meteorology tries to address. Numerical weather prediction (NWP) is a major approach using data assimilation with mathemat...more


Paper of the Week

Self-learning Monte Carlo method with Behler-Parrinello neural networks

Self Learning Monte-Carlo (SLMC) method is one of the recent promising applications of machine learning techniques to computational physics especially Marcov-Chain Monte-Carlo (MCMC) simulations in st...more


Paper of the Week

The relative Mishchenko--Fomenko higher index and almost flat bundles

Existence of a positive scalar curvature (PSC) metric has been one of the central topics in differential topology of higher dimensional manifolds. Index theory provides a topological invariant whose v...more


Paper of the Week

Two Ck1δ transcripts regulated by m6A methylation code for two antagonistic kinases in the control of the circadian clock

Thanks to the accumulation of molecular knowledges about biological clock, we can predict a missing link “X” in the system by using a realistic simulator. Meal-time is known to influence our sleep-wak...more


Paper of the Week

Structural Bifurcation Analysis in Chemical Reaction Networks

In living cells, large numbers of chemical reactions form complicated networks (e.g. metabolic networks). It is considered that dynamics arising from such networks are the origin of biological functio...more


Paper of the Week

Hilbert schemes of two points on K3 surfaces and certain rational cubic fourfolds

The goal of birational geometry is the classification of algebraic varieties up to birational equivalence. An algebraic variety is called rational if it is birationally equivalent to the projective sp...more


Paper of the Week

Production of intense episodic Alfvén pulses: GRMHD simulation of black hole accretion disks

The episodic dynamics of the magnetic eruption of spinning black hole (BH) accretion discs and the associated intense shape-up of their jets are studied via three-dimensional general-relativistic magn...more