AdS/CFT correspondence tells us that a gravity in AdS space is equivalent to CFT which lives on the boundary of the AdS. Recently it has been proposed that an integrable TT deformation of CFTs produces a deformed AdS/CFT. According to the conjecture, the AdS boundary is located at a finite radial cutoff. To investigate the deformed correspondence, we studied holographic entanglement entropy in the cutoff AdS, which is well known as a probe of information theoretic quantity. In particular, we explored its phase transitions. For two-interval entanglement entropy, the transition point monotonically decreases with a deformation parameter, which means that by the TT deformation the degrees of freedom in subsystems are decreasing. Our result implies that the effect of the TT deformation can be regarded as the rescaling of the energy scale.

Toshihiro Ota
"Comments on holographic entanglements in cutoff AdS"
arXiv: 1904.06930