Research Fields
Operator Algebras, Quantum Symmetries
Term and History
2024/04/01 - Special Postdoctoral Researcher


I am Kan Kitamura, a special postdoctoral researcher at iTHEMS since April 2024.
I am working on noncommutative geometry, a branch of mathematics. I am interested in quantum symmetries, K-theory, and related topics of operator algebras. Roughly, operator algebras can be regarded mathematically as a noncommutative generalization of spaces and physically as algebras consisting of observables. Such noncommutative spaces often admit "quantum" symmetries, kinds of symmetries beyond mere groups. I usually try to understand this phenomenon with C*-algebras and K-theory.
Although my study is purely mathematical in principle, I am also very curious about the interactions of these concepts with other areas such as mathematical physics. I am looking forward to discussing various topics with researchers at RIKEN.

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