Research Fields
Term and History
2018-04-01 - 2020-08-31 Senior Visiting Scientist
2020-09-01 - Deputy Program Director
Other Affiliations
Professor, Department of Physics, Ryerson University, Canada
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Bonjour! I was already a member of iTHEMS as a Senior Visiting Scientist so probably you already know me. But since September 2020, I became a Deputy Program Director of iTHEMS. I was looking forward to spending more time at RIKEN, working more closely with everyone, but unfortunately, with COVID-19, for now I have to stay in Toronto. As you maybe know, I am a professor of physics, but my research is in the field of virophysics (ヴイルス物理学). I apply the techniques of physics to virology. More generally, I like applying the methods of physics and computational methods to fields where theoretical/quantitative analysis is less common, like biology and health research, or even ergonomics! I think the methodologies developed in physics can translate to many other fields and provide new insights. Most of my work involves/requires direct collaborations with experimental virologists. I also really enjoy convincing other physicists and mathematicians to join in solving these types of problems across disciplines. For me, iTHEMS is an ideal environment to develop such collaborative projects.

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