February 20 (Mon) at 10:00 - 16:45, 2023 (JST)

As each research field in modern science has matured and become more sophisticated and deepened, it has also created the problem that it has become too fragmented from the perspective of the field as a whole. On the other hand, looking at individual research themes, research that connects different hierarchical structures, such as cosmogenesis and particle theory, neutron stars and nuclear theory, large-scale structure of the universe and formation of galaxies, stars, and planets, turbulent phenomena over a wide range of scales, life and non-equilibrium phenomena, etc., is progressing, and efforts to understand physical phenomena from an integrated perspective is spreading. The term "hierarchy" can also be interpreted as a hierarchy of theories, different principles and perspectives.

Therefore, in this TJR workshop, we invite relevant lecturers from external institutes to give talks focusing on how they are striving to link different hierarchies in their respective research fields, with the aim of broadening our research perspectives and inspiring future research. Of course, the purpose is also to inform and inspire the younger generation about cross-disciplinary research topics.

9:15Nambu Hall opening
10:00-10:50Motoki Nakata (Sokendai / National Institute of Fusion Science)
Geometry-induced activation of large-scale structure formation in kinetic plasma turbulence
10:50-11:40Yusuke Fujimoto (Aizu Univ.)
Galaxy evolution and Solar system formation connected by numerical galaxy simulations of short-lived radioactive nuclides
11:40-13:00Lunch break
13:00-13:50Yuki Yokokura (RIKEN iTHEMS)
Gravity of Information changes the Law of Entropy
13:50-14:40Etsuko Itou (RIKEN iTHEMS)
Quantum computation on elementary particle theory
15:00-15:50Catherine Beauchemin (RIKEN iTHEMS)
Parameter estimation in health research: the devil is in the experimental details
15:50-16:40Hirofumi Wada (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
Elasticity and geometry of hierarchical thin structures
16:40-16:45Concluding Remarks

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