January 10 (Wed) at 14:00 - 20:00, 2024 (JST)
Catherine Beauchemin

A group of 22 undergraduate students in the GLEAP programme at Seoul National University will visit iTHEMS to hear short talks by our members, exchange one-on-one, and visit our facilities. I would like to encourage all available iTHEMS members to take part in this event which will be held in different spaces throughout the day, all at the RIKEN Wako campus Main Research Building:

15:50-16:10 at iTHEMS Common Room (#246-248)
Coffee break with iTHEMS members and SNU visitors

16:10-17:50 on 4th floor, room #435-437
Short talks by iTHEMS members

18:05-18:30 in 3rd floor common space
Short intro talks by SNU visitors

18:30-20:00 in 3rd floor common space
Free informal discussion between SNU visitors and iTHEMS members over some light food

[Note some slight changes in the times previously announced]

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