Research Fields
Genome Evolution, Molecular phylogeny, Protistology
Term and History
2020/04/01 - 2023/03/31 Postdoctoral Researcher
2023/05/01 - Visiting Scientist (Main: Research Scientist, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)


My name is Euki Yazaki and I joined iTHEMS in April 2020.
My research area is biology, and I have been studying evolutionary biology consistently since I started my research career as a student at University of Tsukuba in 2010. I am particularly interested in the molecular phylogeny and molecular evolution of eukaryotic microorganisms (called Protists). Based on large-scale molecular sequence data acquired from many Protists, I have inferred the evolutionary history of genes and phylogenetic relationships of organisms. Ultimately, I hope to elucidate the early evolution of eukaryotes.
I'm very excited to be a member of iTHEMS because the mathematical professionals from diverse backgrounds at iTHEMS give me the opportunity to expand my biology and therefore my science.

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