Research Fields
Evolutionary Biology, Ecology
Term and History
2022/04/01 - Special Postdoctoral Researcher


¡Hola! This is José (ホセ). I am a Mexican biologist in search of knowledge and interactions with scientists in all disciplines. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Mexico and completed my graduate studies in Japan: two countries where I grew up as a researcher, and where I also had great experiences working in science education. I joined iTHEMS as a SPDR in April 2022, and this transition represented an extraordinary chance for me to expand my research lines and interests.

My scientific background is in evolutionary biology and ecology. Therefore, the main questions that motivate my studies are “how is the origin of the species?”, “why are species the way they are?”, “why do species change over time?”, “how do species interact with the environment and other species?”. To answer that kind of questions, I have gained abilities in phylogenetics, phylogeography, population genetics, plant systematics, botany, taxonomy, and population ecology. If these prior skills are useful for your research, or if you want to start something completely new, I am always available to work together with you.


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