Research Fields
Particle and Nuclear Physics, Nonequilibrium physics
Term and History
2018/04/01 - 2019/03/31 Special Postdoctoral Researcher
2019/05/01 - 2019/09/30 Visiting Scientist (Main: Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Research and Education Center for Natural Sciences, Keio University)
2020/02/01 - 2022/03/31 Visiting Scientist (Main: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Physics Department, The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), USA)
2022/05/01 - Visiting Scientist (Main: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Niigata University)


I am Masaru Hongo, a theoretical physicist working on nonequilibrium physics. My main interest is hydrodynamics and its possible generalizations to more general nonequilibrium systems. Hydrodynamics universally describes a lot of phenomena seen in the world. Its application covers not only simple liquids in our daily life, but also the extremely high temperature plasma (the so-called quark-gluon plasma which reaches at several trillion Kelvin). Since our fluid is composed of atoms/molecules, or extremely elementary particles described by quantum theory, it is interesting to consider how we can understand the gap between two descriptions. I have studied to bridge this gap between hydrodynamics, which gives a macroscopic description of systems, and quantum field theories, which is a fundamental microscopic theory considered to be state-of-the-art atomism. Based on the recent development of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, I have provided a solid basis for relativistic hydrodynamics. I am now working on how we can describe the more general nonequilibrium systems. I am happy if we are interacting with each other, and have fruitful collaborations!

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