December 17 at 16:00 - 18:10, 2019
Prof. Syuji Yamamoto (Associate Professor, Keio University)
Seminar Room #160

Plan of the seminar: we separate each talk into two. In the first 60 minutes the speaker gives an introductory talk for non-mathematicians. After a short break, the second 60 minutes is spent for a bit more detailed talk for mathematicians (working in other areas). We welcome you joining both parts of the seminar or only the first/second half.

Abstract: This is an introduction to multiple zeta values (MZVs). Although the study of MZVs is related to various areas of mathematics, we will concentrate on the algebraic structures of MZVs themselves. The key point is that MZVs have two kinds of representations: nested series and iterated integrals. We present how these two representations yield rich algebraic relations among MZVs.

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