July 12 (Fri) at 16:00 - 18:10, 2019 (JST)

Plan of the seminar: we separate each talk into two. In the first 60 minutes the speaker gives an introductory talk for non-mathematicians. After a short break, the second 60 minutes is spent for a bit more detailed talk for mathematicians (working in other areas). We welcome you joining both parts of the seminar or only the first/second half.

In this seminar, I will talk about mathematical study of Schroedinger operators (or Schroedinger equation).

Part 1: I will talk about what mathematicians do to find a solution to Schroedinger equation. The goal of the first part is to be able to check the existence of solutions of Schroedinger equations in terms of decay/growth rate of potentials.

Part 2: I will talk about what can we say about solutions to Schroedinger equation constructed in the first part. Especially, the relationship to the corresponding classical mechanic is introduced.