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Anew Calculation of Penguin Pooing Pressure by Hiroyuki Tajima

As posted in the Ig Nobel Prize web page, our iTHEMS friend Hiroyuki Tajima (Kochi Univ., former member of RIKEN Nishina Center) has published an interesting work "Projectile Trajectory of Penguin’s F...more


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iTHEMS Science Outreach Workshop 2020 was held on July 3 and 4

On July 3 and 4, we had Journalist in Residence Workshop 2020 on Zoom. It had been planned to be held at Tambara Institute of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Tokyo as in a same way as May 3...more


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Current status of training and co-creation -- Researcher thinking and technology required for innovative human resources

The CNET Japan Live 2020 held on February 19, various performances talk about the theme of "Innovation indispensable for corporate growth". Mr. Hiroyasu Kodama at G's ACADEMY and Dr. Tsukasa Tada at I...more


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Coffee Meeting with zoom streaming on April 3, 2020

At the weekly coffee meeting on April.3 (Fri.), Haoning He (ABBL) gave a nice explanation of "Multi-meesenger Search for sources of high energy neutrino". Almost 40 member of iTHEMS accessed on the vi...more


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Coffee Meeting with zoom streaming on March 27, 2020

On March 27 (the last Friday in FY2019), the first zoom coffee meeting in iTHEMS was held. Many iTHEMS colleagues have connected virtually to the iTHEMS common room. Takemasa Miyoshi gave a 15 min. t...more


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Farewell messages to the colleagues leaving iTHEMS from Tetsuo Hatsuda

I would like to congratulate iTHEMS colleagues who are moving to other places from April 1, 2020. Masato Taki (-> Rikkyo Univ.) Yosuke Kubota (-> Shinshu Univ.) Susumu Inoue (-> RIKEN ABBL) Hok...more


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Workshop on Communication for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

On January 28th, iTHEMS member Don Warren co-hosted a workshop on Communication for Interdisciplinary Collaboration. The goals of this workshop were (1) to learn how to communicate with people who do...more


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Summary of interdisciplinary workshop "Present and Future of the Quantum Computing (QC)"

Interdisciplinary workshop "Present and Future of the Quantum Computing (QC)" hosted by MEXT and sponsored by iTHEMS and CEMS was held on Jan.29, 2020 at RIKEN Suzuki Umetaro Hall. There were more tha...more


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Farewell note from Dr. Tomoki Ozawa

Hello. My name is Tomoki Ozawa. I am a senior research scientist at RIKEN iTHEMS. As of February, I am leaving iTHEMS and moving to Advanced Institute for Materials Science (AIMR) in Tohoku University...more


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Search for gamma-ray signals from dark matter annihilations in extended dwarf spheroidal galaxies, article on the Astronomical Herald

The importance of the dark matter density distribution in target galaxies is discussed under realistic settings of the future gamma-ray experiment.


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iTHEMS end-of-the-year party, farewell party, and birthday party !

iTHEMS end-of-the-year party + farewell party for Nagisa Hiroshima + birthday party for members who was born in December was held from 15:30- on Dec.13, 2019. Before the start of the party, Nagisa wh...more


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Report of Young Researcher Association for Biological Rhythms 2019

Young Researcher Association for Biological Rhythms 2019, supported by RIKEN iTHEMS, was held at Kyushu University on December 7-8. In biology, there are many rhythmic phenomena, such as, circadian cl...more


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All-RIKEN Workshop on Virtual Reality holds second session

The first All-RIKEN Workshop on Virtual Reality held an introductory session in October. Many visitors came to try out VR and assess whether they could use it for their own research. On Tuesday, N...more


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Introduction of Hallatschek group and daily activities: Berkeley Report from Dr. T. Okada

Hi, everyone! In this short article, I will write self-introductiton, also about the laboratory I am belonging to at UC Berkeley and also write my daily activities there. My research interest is th...more


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International WS "Collaborative Meeting on Supernova Remnants between Japan and USA" was held at RIKEN Wako campus and SUURI-COOL Kyoto

An international WS "Collaborative Meeting on Supernova Remnants between Japan and USA" was held at RIKEN Wako campus (Nov. 7-8, 2019) and SUURI-COOL Kyoto (Nov. 11-12, 2019) with Masaomi Ono (ABBL/iT...more


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iTHEMS Coffee Meeting continues

Every Friday, we have iTHEMS coffee meeting from 12:30, where somebody is asked to give a 15 min. lecture on a specific topic for non-experts by using our jumbo blackboard. On Oct.25, 2019, Ivan Kos...more


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KUIAS-Heidelberg-iTHEMS joint WS was held at SUURI-COOL Kyoto

KUIAS-Heidelberg-iTHEMS joint WS "Mathematical Sciences and Medicine" was held at SUURI-COOL Kyoto on Oct. 10, 2019 with Motomu Tanaka (Heidelberg/KUIAS) and Tetsuo Hatsuda (iTHEMS) as organizers. The...more


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Two conferences at Berkeley - Berkeley Report from Dr. K.Mikami

MSRI holds a semester program “Microlocal Analysis” in fall 2019. I fortunately attend this program while my stay at University California Berkeley (UCB) via iTHEMS-UCB math young visiting scholar pro...more


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iTHEMS researchers host All-RIKEN VR Workshop

Virtual reality is a useful tool for exploring and presenting 3-D data because your brain is naturally tuned for interpreting the 3-D world. Experiencing the data in 3-D rather than on a 2-D screen t...more


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Enrico Rinaldi interviewed by RIKEN Research

RIKEN Research covers an interview with Dr. Enrico Rinaldi. See the article in the Fall issue (page 4 from the following link).