2023-03-13 Hot Topic

On March 7 and 8, sophomores, juniors, and seniors (16 students in total) from the Faculty of Science at Nara Women's University visited RIKEN's Kawakami Laboratory, Hou Laboratory, iTHEMS, RIBF facility, and Miyawaki Laboratory. In addition to experiencing some of the cutting-edge research at each of these laboratories, they had the opportunity to ask more in-depth questions about their research and learn about the daily lives of RIKEN researchers during a social event held in the evening of the first day of the program. It was also an opportunity for students from different courses in the Faculty of Science at Nara Women's University, including mathematics, physics, biology, and environmental chemistry, to interact with each other beyond their grade level.

This diversity promotion activity is part of the RIKEJO training program jointly promoted by the Faculty of Science at Nara Women's University and RIKEN iTHEMS, and is combined with a series of lectures at Nara Women's University, and will be continued in the next fiscal year and beyond.

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