2023-03-15 Hot Topic

Our colleague Naritaka Oshita will move to the Kyoto University as a Hakubi assistant professor from April 1st. We all will miss him and wish him the best of luck in his latest endeavor. Here is a message from Naritaka Oshita:

I enjoyed studying gravity and black holes while being a part of iTHEMS and participating in some iTHEMS events and activities. As of the end of this March, it has been almost two years since I started my second postdoc at iTHEMS as an SPDR fellow in 2021 April. From 2023 April, I will be a Hakubi assistant professor at Kyoto University and will start my exciting new research to understand the mystery of gravity.

I enjoyed discussing with many iTHEMS members who are working on physics, biology, mathematics, (quantum) information theory, etc. I thank all faculties, researchers, and students at iTHEMS for having exciting discussions with me! iTHEMS assistants have been contributing to this group to improve the research environment at iTHEMS and they kindly helped me a lot when I needed their help and was in trouble.
I appreciate all the assistants at iTHEMS for their support and for having fun conversations!

Again, thank you to all members at iTHEMS for everything! I will still be a part of iTHEMS as a visiting researcher.
I hope I can have exciting discussions and conversations with you in the future. See you again!