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iTHEMS members are focused on KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS 2019

iTHEMS members are focused on KAGAKUDO 100 BOOKS 2019. Please see the following link.


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Short Report of Robotics Workshop held at IIAS in Kyoto

Robotics Workshop organized by RIKEN was held on Sep. 12-13 at a beautiful campus of the International Institute for Advanced Studies (IIAS) in Kyoto. Gilles Ferrand (ABBL/iTHEMS) and Tetsuo Hatsud...more


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Math-Life Workshop was held at Hokkaido University

Math-Life Workshop, organized by iTHEMS (RIKEN), SACRA (Kyoto U.), AIMR(Tohoku U.) and MSC (Hokkaido U.), was held at Hokkado Univ. on Aug.19-20 with 66 participants. Dr. Ryosuke Iritani and Dr. Shin...more


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Japan-Israel Workshop on HEA with Roger Blandford

During 18-23 July, a workshop to bring together experts on High Energy Astrophysics from Japan and Israel was held. The first part (18-19 July) was held in RIKEN Wako, while the second part (22-23 Jul...more


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Report of the workshop on "Math of Jets"

A workshop on "Math of Jets" co-sponsered by RIMS (Kyoto University) and iTHEMS was held from July 29 to 31 at Kyoto University. Researchers from wide scientific fields, such as, planetary atmosphere,...more


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iTHEMS Advisory Council (AC) is being held from July 24 (Wed.) through 26 (Fri.)

iTHEMS Advisory Council (AC) is being held from July 24 (Wed.) through 26 (Fri.). On July 25 (Thursday), short talks and poster presentations by iTHEMS researchers have been given, followed by sti...more


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Summary of the 1-day Workshop on Quantum Gravity

What is spacetime? In order to discuss this fundamental question, we held "1-day Workshop on Quantum Gravity" on July 4, 2019. The talk was very varied. First, Yokokura introduced a formulation of bla...more


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Workshop on Sine-square deformation and related topics 2019

On July 11th, the workshop entitled "Sine-Square Deformation and related topics 2019," was held at RIKEN Wako Campus. Sine-square deformation (SSD) is a new type of boundary condition at which the cou...more


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RIKEN-OIST mini Workshop 2019 "Mathematical Condensed Matter Physics"

From July 5 to July 6, RIKEN-OIST mini Workshop 2019, Mathematical Condensed Matter Physics, was held at OIST. We had three excellent lectures and three interesting talks. Prof. Shinobu Hikami gave a ...more


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SOKENDAI-iTHEMS Joint Workshop was held from July 7 to July 8

SOKENDAI-iTHEMS Joint Workshop "Genetics meets Mathematics" was held at Hayama, Kanagawa (close to SOKENDAI Hayama campus) from July 7 to July 8. This workshop brought together 36 participants, includ...more


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The Journalist in Residence Workshop 2019 was held from May 31 to June 3

From May 31 to June 3, Journalist in Residence Workshop 2019 was held at Tambara Institute of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Tokyo. As for the "Journalist in Residence (JIR)" program in Ma...more


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Introduction to Black Hole Shadow of M87 by Dr. Yosuke Mizuno

On 24 May (Fri.), Dr. Yosuke Mizuno (Frankfurt U.) visited iTHEMS and gave a 15min talk at iTHEMS coffee meeting. Dr. Yosuke Mizuno is a core member of the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project to obs...more


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The First Coffee Meeting Talk in Reiwa Era (Dr.Nagisa Hiroshima)

The first 15 min. coffee meeting talk in Reiwa era was given by Nagisa Hiroshima on May 10. She explained how to extract the density distribution of dark matter from observation.


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Visiting Berkeley

Tsukasa Tada, the coordinator of iTHEMS, has visited SUURI-COOL Berkeley, last week. During his stay, Tada gave a seminar at the Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics, which is one of the best group...more


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Virtual reality a huge success at RIKEN Open Day

At RIKEN’s Open Day, ABBL and iTHEMS members joined together to let residents of Wako (and beyond) explore astrophysics data using virtual reality. The demo, developed by Gilles Ferrand, had two majo...more


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iTHEMS Starter Meeting for FY 2019

In Japan, April is the time for a fresh start blessed by cherry blossoms. On April 12th, we held the annual iTHEMS Starter Meeting. It was an occasion for us to welcome new members. At the meeting, Pr...more


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Fruitful Exchange Across the Disciplines: iTHEMS-AIMR Joint Workshop "Medicine meets Mathematics"

A truly interdisciplinary workshop was held at Tohoku University, as a joint workshop of iTHEMS and AIMR, Tohoku Univ. on March 29th. The workshop was veritably entitled “Medicine Meets Mathematics,” ...more


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RIKEN's community newsletter features Dr. Chang at SUURI-COOL (Berkeley)

Jason Chang ( iTHEMS Research Scientist in LBNL ) was featured in the RIKEN's community newsletter, RIKENETIC. He talks about exciting challenges and opportunities in San Francisco Bay Area. Worth re...more


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Congratulations on new positions, farewell message from Program Director of iTHEMS

This is the last volume of iTHEMS NewsLetter in FY2018. It is our great pleasure that iTHEMS has been so active during this fiscal year. Some of the members will leave iTHEMS. Keisuke Fujii (JS...more


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Article of Dr. Ade Irma Suriajaya on RIKEN Research “Making the most of zeros”

Article of Dr. Ade Irma Suriajaya has been posted on RIKEN Research. Please check out the interview on her research life !