2020-09-30 Hot Topic

Hello. I am Genki Ouchi, a special postdoctoral researcher in iTHEMS. I am leaving iTHEMS and moving to graduate school of mathematics, Nagoya university as an assistant professor.

I joined iTHEMS on April 2018. Since then, it has been two and a half years. I learned a lot of things from iTHEMS. Before I came to iTHEMS, I was just an “algebraic geometer”. I studied only algebraic geometry and related topics. After joining iTHEMS, I got opportunities to learn other topics in mathematical science. Especially, I study network science with mathematicians, physicists and network scientists now. With an experience at iTHEMS, I become a “mathematician”. I wish that interdisciplinary activities in iTHEMS bear fruit over the long run.

I would like to thank all iTHEMS members for your kind support and help. I am looking forward to seeing you again.