2022-08-22 Hot Topic

The Oita STEM Festa was held on 23 July 2022 at Oita city and Tetsuo Hatsuda from iTHEMS participated together with members from ADK Corporation. More than 50 high school students from Oita prefecture participated in Course B: "Let's deliver a message 1000 years from now using a black hole recorder” where the black hole recorder produced by the Useless Prototyping Studio was demonstrated. Also, the students were asked to write their Haiku to be recorderd in the black hole recorder.

Over 150 high school students participated in the Oita STEM Festa.
Course A: "Let's experience the lunar rover!, Course B: "Let's send a message 1000 years from now using a black hole recorder", Course C: "VR technology x solving social issues x SDGs", and Course D: "Let's think about jobs for Oita's future". iTHEMS was represented by Tetsuo Hatsuda and assistants Hitomi Wada and Chikako Ota contributed to the organisation of Course B on site.

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