February 2 (Thu) at 16:00 - 17:00, 2023 (JST)
  • Prof. Kunihiko Kaneko (Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • via Zoom
Jizhou Li

A macroscopic theory for adaptive changes of cells is presented, based on consistency between cellular growth and molecular replication, as well as robustness of fitted phenotypes against perturbations. Adaptive changes in high-dimensional phenotypes are shown to be restricted within a low-dimensional slow manifold, from which a macroscopic law for cellular states is derived, as is confirmed by adaptation experiments of bacteria under stress. The theory is extended to phenotypic evolution, leading to proportionality between phenotypic responses against genetic evolution and by environmental adaptation, which also explains the evolutionary fluctuation-response relationship previously uncovered. Relevance of statistical-physics and dynamical-systems approach is discussed.


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