November 4 (Fri) at 14:00 - 15:00, 2022 (JST)
  • Ryo Higuchi (Special Postdoctoral Researcher, Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory, RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (CPR))
  • via Zoom
Shigehiro Nagataki

Telescope Array (TA) and Auger experiments reported anisotropies in the arrival direction of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs). In the current correlation studies between UHECRs and source candidates, the Auger experiment reported a correlation between the flux model of assumed sources and UHECR events and suggested a 10% contribution of starburst galaxies (SBGs) to the anisotropy of UHECRs. However, they do not consider the effect of coherent deflection by the galactic magnetic field (GMF), and they should significantly affect the results of the correlation studies. In this talk, we introduce a current study of UHECR anisotropy and the effect of GMF on them.

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