December 13 (Wed) at 14:00 - 16:30, 2023 (JST)
Keita Mikami

Tropical geometry is a field of mathematics that naturally emerges when considering the limits of spaces with respect to some parameters. One of the motivations to study tropical geometry is to describe the behaviors of the spaces under the limit. In this math seminar, starting with a brief introduction to tropical geometry, we discuss its application to computation of period integrals, which are one of the most fundamental quantities of complex manifolds. The goal is to compute asymtptotics of period integrals for complex hypersurfaces in toric varieties using tropical geometry, and observe that the Riemann zeta values (or the gamma classes) appear in the result of the computation.
The first half of the talk will be a brief introduction to tropical geometry for non-experts including those who are working outside mathematics, and everyone will be welcome.

This is a closed event for scientists. Non-scientists are not allowed to attend. If you are not a member or related person and would like to attend, please contact us using the inquiry form. Please note that the event organizer or speaker must authorize your request to attend.

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