October 15 (Fri) at 16:00 - 18:00, 2021 (JST)
  • Nobuya Nishimura (Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory, RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (CPR))
  • via Zoom

The r-process, the rapid neutron-capture process, is a major origin of heavy nuclei beyond iron in the universe, occurring in explosive astrophysical phenomena with very neutron-rich environments. In the studies of r-process nucleosynthesis, there are several unsolved problems in nuclear physics and astrophysics. In this talk, I will briefly summarize recent progress on the studies of the r-process, mainly focusing on neutron star mergers. We will see that the scenario of neutron star mergers is consistent with several observations, e.g., GW170817 with a kilonova, chemical evolution of r-process elements. In addition, nevertheless, there are several remaining (or newly realized) problems on the origin of r-process elements in the universe. Focusing on our own research, I will introduce attempts to address these issues.

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