August 2 (Tue) at 16:00 - 17:00, 2022 (JST)
  • Narutaka Ozawa (Professor, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS), Kyoto University)
  • Hybrid Format (Common Room 246-248 and Zoom)
Keita Mikami

Suppose you are given a large finite set G and want to estimate the size |G| or see how a typical element x in G looks like. In this talk, G will be a finite group generated by g_1,...,g_d. The "Product" Replacement Algorithm" is a popular algorithm for random sampling in the group G. The PRA shows outstanding performance in practice, but the theoretical explanation has remained mysterious. I will talk how an infinite-dimensional topological-algebraic analysis (operator algebra theory) connects this problem to a convex (semidefinite) optimization problem that can be rigorously solved by computer.
This talk is intended for a general audience.

This is a closed event for scientists. Non-scientists are not allowed to attend. If you are not a member or related person and would like to attend, please contact us using the inquiry form. Please note that the event organizer or speaker must authorize your request to attend.

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