January 19 (Thu) at 10:00 - 11:00, 2023 (JST)
  • Adrian Gonzalez-Casanova (Neyman Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA / Associate Professor, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico)
  • via Zoom
José Said Gutiérrez-Ortega

We will discuss the basic models of mathematical population genetics and see how to apply them to the study of the Lenski experiment. Furthermore, we will describe novel models that are capable of providing a parsimonious explanation of the deceleration of the relative fitness and can be used to attack questions such as, is it advantageous to be efficient? If time permits, we will also discuss examples of mathematical modelling beyond the Lenski experiment, including the study of populations of bacteria carrying plasmids.

This is a closed event for scientists. Non-scientists are not allowed to attend. If you are not a member or related person and would like to attend, please contact us using the inquiry form. Please note that the event organizer or speaker must authorize your request to attend.

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