March 24 (Thu) at 17:00 - 18:15, 2022 (JST)
  • Tiantian Zhang (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, School of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • via Zoom

Though topological invariants defined for topological semimetals are usually local ones, they also have a global nature. For example, the Z type local monopole charge C for Weyl points, has a global nature, telling us its influence to the rest of the Brillouin zone, giving rise to bulk-surface correspondence associated with helical surface states. In Dirac systems, helical surface states are not guaranteed due to C=0. However, a new bulk-surface correspondence associated with double/quad-helicoid surface states (DHSSs/QHSSs) can be obtained for Dirac points with the protection of a Z2 type monopole charge Q, which is defined in terms of the time-reversal (T)-glide (G) symmetry (TG)2= -1. Here we study the topology of Q for Z2 Dirac points and establish its bulk-surface correspondence with strict proofs. We find that Q is equivalent to the G-protected Z2 invariant v mathematically and physically in Z2 Dirac systems. This result is counterintuitive, since v is always trivial in T-preserving gapped systems, and was thought to be ill-defined in gapless systems. We offer a gauge-invariant formula for Q, which is associated with DHSSs in both the spinless and spinful systems with single G. Q is formulated in a simpler form in spinless systems with two vertical G, associated with QHSSs, which is also entangled with filling-enforced topological band insulators in three space groups when a T-breaking perturbation is introduced. Since Q is ill-defined in spinful systems with two vertical G, QHSSs will not be held. Material candidate Li2B4O7 together with a list of possible space groups preserving QHSSs are also proposed for demonstration on our theory and further studies.

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