July 12 (Fri) at 16:00 - 17:00, 2019 (JST)
  • Takato Yoshimura (King's college London, UK)

Hydrodynamics has been a universal tool to study the large scale (long-wavelength) dynamics of interacting many-body systems. It had not been, however, applied to integrable systems until 2016 when two papers, one of which is ours [Physical Review X 6 (4), 041065, (2016)], provided a first legitimate hydrodynamic theory of integrable systems that incorporates the anomalous number of conserved quantities in those systems. The key idea of the theory rests upon the use of thermodynamic Bethe ansatz that allows us to express the essential ingredients in hydrodynamics, densities and currents average of conserved charges, in terms of the quasi-particle basis. In this talk I will review this new hydrodynamic theory, coined generalized hydrodynamics (GHD). I will first introduce the basics of GHD, highlighting the difference with the conventional hydrodynamics (i.e. hydrodynamics for non-integrable systems). I will then present some recent developments in the theory, such as the exact computation of the Drude weight and hydrodynamic correlation functions.

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