December 3 at 13:00 - 14:30, 2020 (JST)
  • Dr. Yusuke Nishida (Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • via Zoom

The Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ) equation for surface growth has been a paradigmatic model in nonequilibrium statistical physics. In particular, it in dimensions higher than two undergoes a roughening transition from smooth to rough phases with increasing the nonlinearity. It is also known that the KPZ equation can be mapped onto quantum mechanics of attractive bosons with a contact interaction, where the roughening transition corresponds to a binding transition of two bosons with increasing the attraction. Such critical bosons in three dimensions actually exhibit the Efimov effect, where a three-boson coupling turns out to be relevant under the renormalization group so as to break the scale invariance down to discrete one. On the basis of these facts linking the two distinct subjects in physics, we predict that the KPZ roughening transition in three dimensions shows either the discrete scale invariance or no intrinsic scale invariance.

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