October 21 (Mon) at 13:00 - 15:00, 2019 (JST)
  • Toyokazu Sekiguchi (Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU), The University of Tokyo)

Neutral wino is a natural candidate of dark matter in split-supersymmetry. Indirect detection is a promising probe of wino dark matter, with its annihilation enhanced non-perturvatively (i.e. Sommerfeld enhancement). In theoretical prediction, halo formation at the low-mass end is a key ingredient. For this purpose, we investigate kinetic decoupling of wino dark matter and consequent dark matter density perturbations. We show that inelastic processes involving charged wino, which are relevant for kinetic equilibrium at late times, shuts off abruptly. This results in boosted acoustic peaks in density power spectrum at horizon scales around the kinetic decoupling. Based on an analytic modeling of subhalo evolution, we estimate the subhalo mass function of (dwarf) galaxy-sized haloes and effects on the annihilation boost factor. We also discuss application of our analysis to SU(2)_L multiplet minimal dark matter.

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