November 22 (Thu) at 10:30 - 11:30, 2018 (JST)
  • Toshiki Matsusaka (Kyushu University)

The special values of the elliptic modular j function j(z) at imaginary quadratic points are known as singular moduli (CM values), and play important roles in algebraic number theory. As a real quadratic analogue, Kaneko (2009) defined the `values’ of j(z) at real quadratic points (RM values). In 2011, Duke-Imamoglu-Toth showed that the generating function of the traces of these CM & RM values becomes a harmonic Maass form of weight 1/2. In this talk, I shall introduce a new class called polyharmonic weak Maass forms, inspired by works of Lagarias-Rhoades on the Kronecker limit formula, and give a generalization of Duke-Imamoglu-Toth’s work for any polyharmonic weak Maass form.