September 19 (Tue) at 15:00 - 16:30, 2023 (JST)
  • Möller Sven (Group Leader, Department of Mathematics, University of Hamburg, Germany)
Yuto Moriwaki

We classify the self-dual (or holomorphic) vertex operator superalgebras (SVOAs) of central charge 24, or in physics parlance the purely left-moving, spin 2-dimensional conformal field theories with just one primary field.

There are exactly 969 such SVOAs under suitable regularity assumptions and the assumption that the shorter moonshine module VB^# is the unique self-dual SVOA of central charge 23.5 whose weight-1/2 and weight-1 spaces vanish. Additionally, there might be self-dual SVOAs arising as "fake copies" of VB^# tensored with a free fermion F.

We construct and classify the self-dual SVOAs by determining the 2-neighbourhood graph of the self-dual (purely bosonic) VOAs of central charge 24 and also by realising them as simple-current extensions of a dual pair containing a certain maximal lattice VOA. We show that all SVOAs besides VB^# x F and potential fake copies thereof stem from elements of the Conway group Co_0, the automorphism group of the Leech lattice.

By splitting off free fermions F, if possible, we obtain the classification for all central charges less than or equal to 24.

This is based on joint work with Gerald Höhn (arXiv:2303.17190)

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