From January 25th to 27th, we organized the third Super Smash Problems (SSP) workshop in Kobe. This time we had Kyosuke Adachi (BDR/iTHEMS SPDR) presenting challenging problems he faced in his work. Two main topics were intensively discussed in the workshop. One of them was concerning the generalization of entropy-production in information thermodynamics. Entropy production can be regarded as a measure of irreversibility of stochastic processes. In other words, irreversibility necessarily comes with positive entropy production. We discussed various systems in biology, physics, and astrophysics that may be relevant to irreversible stochastic systems, like cell growth, formation of phylogenetic trees, machine-learning process, and how universe emerges.
Second topic was about phase-separation. The theory of phase-separation has a rich mathematical structure: we explored methods with which we can computationally efficiently construct convex-hull of a given function. Also, because various systems exhibit phase-separation, we discussed the potential for which the method can be applied to other systems, including formation of stars.
The three-day discussion did not allow us to reach solid conclusion though, we found it very fun and stimulating that mathematics can explain parts of our world that are seemingly totally different. We will continue discussing the problems and hopefully provide you all an update for something resulting.
We the organizers sincerely appreciate the audience who attended Adachi-san’s introductory lecture and subsequent discussion; and of course, Adachi-san for the effort, time, and passion for the SSP workshop. We believe this was a short but very inspiring opportunity. Thank you so much!
On behalf, Ryosuke Iritani

Reported by Ryosuke Iritani