The first Lab-Theory standing talk took place on March 16th, 2023, inviting Hideshi Ooka from CSRS (Riken Center for Sustainable Resource Science). He picked up the chemical process of making hydrogen from water as the subject. By design, the event is organized in a very informal setting."I was glad that the speaker prepared very few slides and all the slides were simple because it gave the audience an opportunity to ask many random questions in all sorts of direction," one of the participants, Catherine Beauchemin says. As she says, "in this light and flexible format, it is the audience that can decide what aspects are more interesting for them and ask more questions about it," there have been many questions asked and discussions followed. The event appears to be fruitful for the speaker too; "I will share the comment with my colleagues, as I believe it is a chance to advance the level of chemistry in our lab, " Hideshi Ooka concludes.

Reported by Tsukasa Tada