In this week’s biology seminar, with great honor, we have Prof. Mochizuki to give us an interesting talk on “Independent regulation of multiple checkpoints in cell-cycle network system-Biological function originated in the law of localization-”. He showed us how mathematical analysis about the complex cell cycle networks can provide knowledge on non-trivial behaviors in regularization systems. The transformation from complex cell cycle networks to structural sensitivity matrix is amazing. He and his collaborator found the “buffering structure” which are essential local characters as the origin of biological function. Furthermore, “buffering structure” can generally appear in chemical reaction network including complex formation.
He specially studied the G1-S and G2-M checkpoints in cell cycle. The analyses clarified that, even the two checkpoints are regulated by different protein complexes (Cdc2-Cdc13 and Cdc2-Cig2, respectively) with common species of proteins and activation reactions conform a complicated network, these two complexes are regulated by disjoint sets of reaction parameters in the system. We are looking forward to the further study of comparison with cell cycle experimental data.
Many questions and discussions arose from the audiences. We appreciated very much the time Prof.Mochizuki shared with us.

Reported by Yingying Xu