In iTHEMS biology seminar on January 5, Katsuhiko Sato (Hokkaido University) talked about a theoretical model of cell migration. First, he gave us the overview about cell migration. The dominant forces for the cell migrations are believed to the hydrostatic pressure in the cell, the contraction force by actomyosins and the frictions. Next, he constructed a mechanical model of the cell migration in an elegant manner. In this mechanical model, the cell migration dynamics is described by the balance between the energy and the dissipation. The dissipation describes the frictions. The energy includes the hydrostatic pressure, the contraction force, bending energy and the surface tension. Then, he introduced the cell polarization into the surface tension. By using this mechanical model, he demonstrated the unidirectional movement and the rotation of the cell cluster. We enjoyed the discussion with Sato-san on the detail of the modeling and its result. Thank you very much for a great talk, Sato-san!

Reported by Hiroshi Yokota