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ABBL-iTHEMS Joint Seminar

ABBL-iTHEMS Joint Seminar 3

December 7 at 14:00 - 15:00, 2018

Dr. Takashi Sako (Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR), The University of Tokyo)

Title: Cosmic-ray air showers: new arrays for searching origins and link to the collider physics

Venue: Seminar Room #160, 1F Main Research Building, RIKEN

Event Official Language: English

Special Lecture

The physical and biological basis of tissue growth

December 12 at 15:00 - 16:30, 2018

Dr. Kaoru Sugimura (Program-Specific Research Center Associate Professor, Kyoto University)
Dr. Shuji Ishihara (Project Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo)

15:00 - 15:40 "Physical and molecular mechanism of cell rearrangement" Kaoru Sugimura
15:50 - 16:30 "From cells to tissue: A continuum model of epithelial tissue mechanics" Shuji Ishihara

Venue: Okochi Hall, 1F Laser Science Laboratory, RIKEN

Broadcast: R511, Computational Science Research Building, R-CCS, Kobe Campus, RIKEN / SUURI-COOL (Kyoto), #204-205, 2F Maskawa Building for Education and Research, North Campus, Kyoto University / SUURI-COOL (Sendai), #303, 3F AIMR Main Building, Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University

Event Official Language: Japanese

Math Lecture

Dr. Yosuke Kubota thumbnail

Theory of Operator Algebras

Theory of Operator Algebras (6th)

December 20 at 15:30 - 17:00, 2018

Dr. Yosuke Kubota (Research Scientist, iTHEMS)

Title: An introduction to operator algebras

Abstract: Operators are linear maps from a (usually an infinite dimensional) linear space (most frequently the Hilbert space) to itself, which is like matrices of infinite degree. Operators form an algebra by obvious addition and multiplication. Operators appear in most of the fields in mathematics, in algebra, in geometry, in analysis, ... Some of the key words at the beginning of these lectures are "spectral theory" "operator algebras" "Tomita-Takesaki theory". These lectures are for non-professional people.

Venue: Seminar Room #160, 1F Main Research Building, RIKEN

Event Official Language: Japanese

Math Lecture

Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography

Introduction to Public-Key Cryptography (7th)

January 18 at 15:00 - 17:00, 2019

Dr. Eren Mehmet Kıral (Visiting Scientist, iTHEMS / Visiting Scientist, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University)

Venue: Seminar Room #160, 1F Main Research Building, RIKEN

Event Official Language: English


Computational Science Research Building venue photo

Co-hosted by iTHEMS

The 7th International Symposium on Data Assimilation (ISDA2019)

January 21 - 24, 2019

The symposium will focus on the cross-cutting issues shared in broad applications of data assimilation from geoscience to various physical and biological sciences. In particular, the symposium will enhance discussions among researchers with various background on, for example, non-Gaussian and nonlinear data assimilation problems, Big Data Assimilation (BDA), high-performance computation (HPC), Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), advanced intelligence (AI) and machine learning, multi-scale and multi-component treatments, observational issues, and mathematical problems.

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 14, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. UTC
Registration Deadline: December 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. UTC
Submission/Registration Fee: Free

Venue: 6F auditorium, Computational Science Research Building, R-CCS, Kobe Campus, RIKEN

Event Official Language: English


RIKEN-Berkeley WS on Quantum Information Science (RB19)

January 25 - 29, 2019

Initiated by the RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences (iTHEMS) program at Berkeley, this workshop will focus on the development of quantum computing techniques, quantum 
materials, and quantum sensing, as well as their corresponding applications to physical sciences, with an emphasis to galvanize the participants into future collaboration.

Takumi Doi (RIKEN iTHEMS)
Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN iTHEMS)
Alan Poon (LBNL NSD/BQ)

Jonathan Carter (LBNL CRD/BQ)
Yasunobu Nakamura (RIKEN CEMS/Tokyo)
Franco Nori (RIKEN/Michigan)
Thomas Schenkel (LBNL AT-AP/BQ)
Irfan Siddiqi (UCB/BQ)
Seigo Tarucha (RIKEN CEMS/Tokyo)

Co-hosted by
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL) 
Univ. of California at Berkeley (UCB) 

Supported by
Berkeley Quantum (bq) 
US Dept. of Energy (DOE) 

Venue: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley, California)

Event Official Language: English


Workshop of Nuclear-Astrophysics by UKAKUREN/Japan Forum of Nuclear Astrophysics (JaFNA): Nuclear data & Heavy Element Nucleosynthesis

March 6 - 8, 2019

We are pleased to announce that we will have a meeting on Nuclear-Astrophysics at Hokkaido Univ. Especially this time we will focus on the impact of nuclear data & nucleosynthesis of heavy elements. Gravitational wave is another keyword.

This workshop is held by UKAKUREN (JaFNA), together with Nuclear Reaction Data Centre, Hokkaido University (JCPRG). This workshop is supported by iTHEMS, CNS, RCNP, NAOJ, KEK, and WNSC.

You are welcomed to join us. For registration, please fill in the attached form (in Japanese) and send it to: by 30th November 2018.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Hokkaido U.

T. Kajino (Chair), T. Kawabata (Osaka), H. Utsunomiya (Konan), S. Nishimura (RIKEN), H. Yamaguchi (CNS), T.Hayakawa (QST), T.Motobayashi (RIKEN),
K.Terada(Osaka), S.Nagataki(RIKEN), S.Chiba(TIT), T.Tamagawa(RIKEN), W.Aoki(NAOJ), S.Wanajo(AEI), S.Kubono(RIKEN), T.Shima(RCNP)

Venue: Hokkaido University Conference Hall

Event Official Language: Japanese


iTHEMS Colloquium

ZetaValue2019-iTHEMS Special Mathematics Colloquium

March 21 at 14:00 - 17:30, 2019

Prof. Kohji Matsumoto (Professor, Nagoya University)
Prof. Jörn Steuding (University of Würzburg, Germany)

Venue: Okochi Hall, 1F Laser Science Laboratory, RIKEN

Event Official Language: English


Value distribution of zeta and L-functions and related topics thumbnail

Value distribution of zeta and L-functions and related topics

March 22 - 27, 2019

March 22–26, 2019
Main Conference (invited talks, posters and a limited number of short contributed talks)

Welcome Reception: March 22, 2019 (18:00~20:00)
Conference Dinner: March 25, 2019 (18:30~21:00)

March 27, 2019 (9:30~17:00)
One-day Workshop (a series of short contributed talks by young researchers to facilitate active discussions)

Ade Irma Suriajaya (RIKEN)
Yoshinosuke Hirakawa (Keio University)
Masataka Ono (Kyushu University)
Shin-ichiro Seki (Tohoku University)
Keiju Sono (Ehime University)
Shingo Sugiyama (Nihon University)
Yuta Suzuki (Nagoya University)

Tetsuo Hatsuda (RIKEN iTHEMS)
Kenichi Bannai (Keio University, RIKEN AIP Center)

Venue: Okochi Hall, 1F Laser Science Laboratory, RIKEN / Large Meeting Room, 2F Welfare and Conference Building (Cafeteria), RIKEN

Event Official Language: English

Featured Paper of the Week

Dr. Don Warren thumbnail
Dr. Gilles Ferrand thumbnail

Engaging the Public with Supernova and Supernova Remnant Research Using Virtual Reality


On April 21, 2018, residents of Wako came to RIKEN for the Open Day. Over one hundred people visited the exhibit of the Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory (ABBL) and interacted with real scientific data using virtual reality (VR). With the help of the entire ABBL and several students from Rikkyo U, people as young as 2 and as old as 80 got to explore a supernova remnant in 3-D, as if it was in the room with them. (A supernova remnant results from the explosion of a star; ABBL does numerical simulations to understand the explosion mechanism.) In this report, Gilles Ferrand (ABBL/iTHEMS) and Don Warren (iTHEMS) explain what makes VR exciting to explore your data and communicate your research, and how to make your own VR booth at next year's Open Day — or any other event! We are happy to discuss this exhibit, and answer any questions you have, at a coffee meeting, wine meeting, or another occasion.

Gilles Ferrand, Don Warren
"Engaging the Public with Supernova and Supernova Remnant Research Using Virtual Reality"
arXiv: 1811.01542

Person of the Week

Dr. Eren Mehmet Kıral thumbnail

Self-introduction: Eren Mehmet Kiral


Hello, I am Eren Mehmet Kıral, I am currently a JSPS fellow at Sophia University working with Prof. Nakasuji on Bruhat cell decompositions of various matrix groups with a view towards finding number theoretic applications. I am also a visiting scientist here at ITHEMS. Starting March 2020 I will be an SPDR at RIKEN working at the Mathematical Science team of Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) with Prof. Bannai.

My research interest is in automorphic forms, and their associated L-functions, including the Riemann zeta function. Automorphic forms can be thought of generalizations of harmonics. Just like sin(nx), cos(nx) are the periodic harmonics on the real line, automorphic forms are the harmonics on more general homogeneous spaces. However unlike the real line, the group of transformations on the space forms a non-commutative Lie group, and hence the harmonic analysis (or equivalently the representation theory) on this group is more involved. It is fascinating that simply the setup of a discrete subgroup sitting inside a homogeneous space, spawns objects that are intrinsically related to number theory. I am looking forward to talking to physicists who work with Lie group representations on a regular basis.

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