Interdisciplinary workshop "Present and Future of the Quantum Computing (QC)" hosted by MEXT and sponsored by iTHEMS and CEMS was held on Jan.29, 2020 at RIKEN Suzuki Umetaro Hall. There were more than 170 people got together from academia, industries and publishers. For the people who could not enter the hall, the talks were also broadcasted to the iTHEMS room 160. The scientific session was started with a review talk on the history of quantum-bit researches by Yasunobu Nakamura (CEMS). It was then followed by 11 talks which covered wide topics ranging from the QC architecture development to QC algorithms. The very last talk was given by our iTHEMS colleague, Jason Chang (iTHEMS/UCB), who discussed the adiabatic quantum computing and possible near-term engineering applications on the basis of his recent QC works. A poster session with about 30 posters from many different areas of science was also held with very lively discussions, especially among young researchers. Since the meeting was so successful to provide a platform for the researchers interested in this growing field of QC, we will definitely have the 2nd meeting in the near future.