RIKEN researcher Nathan Shammah gave the first seminar for the QuCoIn (Quantum Computing and Information Science) working group. On June 13, he hosted an interactive workshop on open-source software and the Quantum Toolbox in Python (QuTiP) library. Open-source software, which allows anyone to see its source code, is becoming popular in business, in science, and among the general public: even tech giants like Microsoft and Google are investing in open-source projects. Python, in particular, is a highly-developed ecosystem with many packages, and one that most of you are probably already familiar with. The QuTiP code is one such package, which lets you simulate quantum systems, and even quantum circuits, on your (non-quantum) computer. About twenty people attended Nathan’s workshop and started learning to use QuTiP. We hope that this experience, and the new tool kit, will help people to accelerate their research and advance the field. If you have questions about QuTiP, please ask Nathan—he is very happy to discuss the software! And if you are interested in quantum tech research highlights, you can subscribe to Nathan's monthly newsletter on quantum technologies from the link below.