In April 10, Dr Teiji Kunihiro (Prof Emeritus, Kyoto Univ) gave an introductory talk about the renormalization group method, entitled “Introduction to the Renormalization group method as a powerful reduction method of dynamics.”
In fact, this talk was the first seminar at our new seminar room #359 with the splendid black-board in RIKEN Wako Campus. The talk by Kunihiro-san using the black-board was very very clear, and we can understand the power of the Renormalization group method and its applicability [1]. The talk was also delivered via Zoom (i.e. ~35 participants in total), and there were lively discussions between the lecturer and the audience. After the talk, he kindly shared his lecture note with us so that we can take advantage of it. Thank you, Kunihiro-san for the wonderful talk!!

Reported by Gen Kurosawa


  1. T. Kunihiro, Y. Kikuchi, and K. Tsumura, Geometrical Formulation of Renormalization-Group Method as an Asymptotic Analysis: With Applications to Derivation of Causal Fluid Dynamics., Springer-Verlag (2022)