I am Yuya Kusuki. I joined iTHEMS in April 2021. I am studying the theoretical particle physics. My particular interest is conformal field theory in the context of the AdS/CFT. For example, I would like to understand “Which spectrum and which coupling constants are required to reproduce the semiclassical gravity?”, “Whether or not does a pure gravity on AdS exist?”, “What is the precise definition of the quantum chaos in AdS/CFT?” and so on. For this purpose, I mainly utilize (i) some information tools, developed in the interface between quantum gravity and quantum information, and (ii) conformal bootstrap equation.

I am looking forward to collaborating with researchers in various fields at iTHEMS. Since my research is based on gravity, conformal field theory, information theory, condensed matter, that is, many topics, I believe such a cross-disciplinary collaboration provides wonderful results.