I am Yuta Sekino. After finishing my Ph. D at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2019, I worked in RIKEN as a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-21) and Postdoctoral Researcher in ABBL (2021-23). During 2021-2023, I also belonged to iTHEMS as a concurrent member. In July 2023, I officially joined iTHEMS as a Postdoctoral Researcher associated with RIKEN Quantum.

I am a theoretical condensed-matter physicist mainly working on ultracold atomic systems. My main research interest is superfluidity, superconductivity, and spin transport. Because these phenomena have been widely discussed not only in condensed-matter physics but also in nuclear physics and astrophysics, I would like to collaborate with iTHEMS researchers working in these fields.

As a member of RIKEN Quantum, I also would like to apply quantum computational methods to nonequilibrium phenomena such as post-quench dynamics in quantum spin systems. Because quantum computing would have the potential to tackle unsolved problems in every field of science, I would be happy to have interdisciplinary discussions in RIKEN Quantum.

At iTHEMS, I hope to broaden my research horizon through discussions with researchers in various fields.