I am a full professor of Department of mathematics at Kyoto University, and a project professor of Liaison Center in Mathematics in RIMS at Kyoto University. From Nov. 2019, I am appointed to a senior visiting scientist at RIKEN iTHEMS. My educational background in undergraduate/graduate courses at Kyoto University was mathematics, but I have been keeping strong interests in the other fields of sciences. My expertise in research is applied mathematics, especially mathematical fluid dynamics, in which I would like to understand highly nonlinear and complex fluid phenomena observed in the evolutions of incompressible fluid motions from mathematical points of view theoretically as well as numerically. In addition to those academic topics, I am keen to conduct many interdisciplinary studies with people from the other disciplines (meteorology, medical, material science etc.) and industries. I am the chief coordinator of Math Clinic at MACS program in Kyoto University. These interdisciplinary activities are not just for applying existing mathematical theories, but for exploring new future problems for mathematical sciences from modern world. I am very happy to be a member of iTHEMS, where I can share the same interests with the members.

Research Topics:
• Topological Flow Data Analysis
• Dissipative weak solutions of the Euler equations and turbulence theory
• Vortex dynamics
• Flow control of vortex dominated flows
• Singularity formation and long-time behavior of vortex dynamics
• Applied and computational complex analysis (ACCA)
• Uncertainty Quantification (Data Assimilations)
• Interdisciplinary Studies (Meteorology, Medical, Industrial problems)