Bridging the worlds of mathematics and materials science, I am interested in exploring the fascinating interactions between the topology of entangled structures and their mechanical properties. With an interdisciplinary and international background spanning mathematics, design, and engineering, I have explored various industries before transitioning to an academic career. My doctoral journey at Tohoku University focused on low-dimensional topology in woven structures, laying the foundation for my current work with SUURI-COOL Sendai.

My research primarily focuses on the topological classification of periodic entangled structures from the viewpoint of knot theory and is oriented toward potential applications in academia and industry. These structures, found in a wide range of materials from textiles to molecular assemblies, exhibit remarkable properties such as elasticity, auxetic behavior, and self-folding capabilities, which are predominantly dictated by their entanglement complexity rather than the constituent materials themselves. I believe that mathematics is the key to unveiling these structure-function relations.

As part of the iTHEMS community, I hope to collaborate, innovate, and contribute to the creation of new mathematical theories that could eventually support the design of sustainable and innovative materials and systems. I look forward to discussing new scientific discoveries in entangled structures with many of you.