My name is Shinichiro Fujii. I was originally a nuclear theorist. After finishing my PhD at Kyushu University in 2000, I joined RIKEN as a special postdoctral researcher. After that, I had several positions including associate professor at the University of Tokyo. After a period of unemployment at the age of 40 due to the term limit, I was hired by JST-CRDS as a fellow in 2013. I conducted research and survey activities to formulate Japan's science and technology policy for 5 years. After that, I was involved in the management of large national projects related to quantum computers and quantum communications, such as JST-ERATO, Q-LEAP and Moonshot Goal 6, at the University of Tokyo and Yokohama National University for 5 years. 23 years after beginning my career as a researcher at RIKEN, I am back to RIKEN as a coordinator in 2023. I would like to contribute to creating a better environment for researchers and enhancing the value of RIKEN.