My name is Hidetoshi Taya. After finishing my Ph. D in The University of Tokyo in 2017, I had several postdoctoral positions at iTHEMS RIKEN (2017-18), Fudan University (2018-20), and Keio University (2020-21) and then come back to iTHEMS, RIKEN from April, 2021 as a special postdoctoral researcher.

I am a theoretical physicist working on (but not limited to) particle and nuclear physics. In particular, I am interested in non-perturbative and non-equilibrium phenomena driven by strong fields, and studying their application to, for example, heavy-ion collisions, intense lasers, and condensed-matter systems. I am also interested in application of mathematical methods such as the resurgence theory and the exact WKB method. I look forward to interacting with iTHEMS members and to enjoying something new/interesting together.