From July 5 to July 6, RIKEN-OIST mini Workshop 2019, Mathematical Condensed Matter Physics, was held at OIST. We had three excellent lectures and three interesting talks. Prof. Shinobu Hikami gave a lecture about applications of random unitary theory to physics, Dr. Yuta Sekino explained the applications of operator product expansions to non-relativistic theories and Mr. Takuya Furusawa reviewed about dualities in three dimensions. In three talks, Dr. Hidehiko Shimada explained his recent progresses about the four point function in a non-relativistic theory, Dr. Wenliang Li explained recent progresses of conformal blocks, and Mr. Arkaprava Mukherjee reviewed his current achievement. The participants are grateful to the staff of OIST as well as to the iTHEMS assistants for the great help to organize the workshop.